Technologically advanced
packaging machines

CB PACKAGING is a world-leading Italian company in the design and production of advanced and flexible packaging machines for the disposable hygiene products sector, such as sanitary napkins, diapers, incontinence products, wet wipes and tissue.

Thanks to our decades of experience and constant innovation, we offer tailor-made solutions for all your packaging needs, guaranteeing quality and reliability at every stage of production.

The product range includes automatic packaging machines, stackers and integrated packaging solutions, as well as optional counting and compacting modules. All machines produced by CB PACKAGING are reliable and technologically advanced, ensuring an efficient packaging process customized to the customer's needs.

Packaging machine manufacturers of hygienic disposables.

A.P.I Srl

A.P.I. srl has been founded in 1967, in 1997 moved to its current facility in Bagnolo Cremasco, experiencing moments of exponential growth and the merit goes to the choices of a team of entrepreneurs who have always focused on technological investment and constant updating as the real engines of industrial development.

Growth - United with Strength

In 1998 CB PACKAGING A.P.I. S.R.L. has been merged in the Bettinelli F.lli SpA corporate becoming integral part of the Group which counts 250 employes currently organized into 4 divisions: CB PACKAGING – CB AUTOMATION – CAM DRIVEN SYSTEMS (CDS) – TUMAC.
Covered spaces for design, development, production, control and shipping departments expand over more than 25,000 m2.

Packaging machine manufacturers of hygienic disposables.

CB Automation

Specialty automatic assembly and control lines for the pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetics industries.

Packaging machine manufacturers of hygienic disposables.

Cam Driven Systems (CDS)

Specialized in the design and manufacture of high-precision cam-driven mechanical components.

Packaging machine manufacturers of hygienic disposables.

Tumac Automation Technologies

Automatic oriented feeding systems.

The group also has extensive in-house production that feeds all divisions, allowing control over processes and quality; this production organization ensures quick response times to meet customer needs.

Packaging machine manufacturers of hygienic disposables.

Made in House

'Made in House' provides the group with a high degree of control over the processes and quality of its products, enabling fast response times to meet customer needs. In addition, by avoiding dependence on external suppliers, the group reduces the risk of problems in the supply chain.

Global Market

We are a global market leader, successfully selling and operating our products and services worldwide. With solid experience and an extensive network of international partners and distributors, we are able to offer innovative and customized solutions to meet the needs of our global customers.